Zinda Dilane Hyderabad (ZDH)

Humor is the capacity to perceive, appreciate, or express what is funny, amusing, incongruous, and ludicrous. And it’s not easy to tickle the funny bone and make people laugh. It is an art.

In the early sixties (1962), when common Hyderabadis were still accustoming to the political and geographical changes after the painful partition of the country followed by Police action on Hyderabad State, few enthusiastic youngsters with a sense of humor rose from such situation to form a group, which they named Zinda Dilane Hyderabad (the lively hearts of Hyderabad).The aim of ZDH is to promote and propagate humor.

ZDH dedicated all its activities to promote and popularize humor, wit and satire. It holds literary programs (both prose and poetry sessions), seminars and also publishes humor books.

Under the auspices of ZDH many humor programs are organized throughout the year. But its crowing glory is the three day annual event where humorists from all over India and abroad assembles. It is an important cultural event in the calendar of Hyderabad City. Fun loving Hyderabadis eagerly wait for this three day humor festival. It is one of the few Urdu literary events where people buy tickets in advance and all the sessions are jam-packed with the fun lovers.

Three major programs are organized during the annual event. Mazahia Mushaira which is the recitation of humorous poetry, Adabi Ijlas in which humor writers read out their essays and short stories and Mahfil-e-Latifa Goi the jokes session, where the participants treat the audience with the jokes and humorous anecdotes based on their personal experiences.

SHUGOOFA, a humor magazine is the organ of ZDH. It is being published regularly since November 1968. Renowned researcher and linguist Dr. Syed Mustafa Kamal is the editor of this popular magazine. Apart from Shugoofa, ZDH also published many humor books both in prose and poetry. It also helped humor writers in publishing their works with full or partial funding.

ZDH brings together and bonds humorists through their common interest that is humor. It also extends monetary help to the humorists in distress.

ZDH successfully organized the World Humor Conference in February 1985.Many humorists and critics from India and abroad participated in this conference. This conference reviewed humor in diverse forms not only in Urdu language but also few other Indian and foreign languages. In fact it was a comprehensive festival of humor with an emphasis on its creative aspects.

Many eminent humorists and humor loving personalities are associated with ZDH that includes Padmashri Mujataba Hussain, Narendra Luther, Mohammed Himayathullah, Raj Bahadur Goud, Talib Khundmiri, Mustafa Ali Baig, Parvez Y Mehdi, Mohammed Ali Rafath, Wahab Qaiser, Mustafa Kamal, and Abid Moiz.

The success and fame of ZDH has made Hyderabad to be recognized as the humor capital of India.

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